Janusuit Countermeasures
Optical Phased Array devices such as chameleon suit and janusuits are easily detectable by any decently equipped defensive installation, and even several mobile units. There are several popular methods:

1) Nano cloud options range from simple nano-sensor field to planting tracers to active attack upon contact.

2) Sonics. Although the best janusuits are active-noise dampeners, they can still be sensed through a competent scanner ai, like the Heimdall Helm or the Thoth from NorTek and Ptahtogenics both have a >94% success rate against them.

3) Interferometry. This is the best method for static areas, and is used in most secure buildings. An interference pattern results when two beams of phaselocked light (e.g., lasers) intersect. This effect is based on the distance between the emitters. If someone moves through the beam path, the distance is lengthened to go around the body, and is therefore detectable by changes in the interference pattern. It is said that a few Janusuits supposedly have clarketech that prevents this, but they are near-mythical, and may not actually exist.

4) Kinetic sensors. Tripwires, floor pressure sensors, air pressure sensors, thermograpics keyed down to a minute fraction of a degree all have different degrees of success.

(this is in no way an exhaustive list of possibles.)
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Text by John B
Initially published on 31 January 2002.