Jean Te Uahlg Aestheticism
Cultural movement from Wrangham in the vicinity of the Pismis 4 cluster (NoCoZo Middle Regions) which has become a major interstellar memeplex.

It began in 8738 when the communal cyborg entity Jean Te Uahlg formulated its aesthetic theory, which became the starting point of a philosophical-political society on its homeworld of Wrangham. In this theory Jean Te Uahlg described a new way of forming communal minds without an excessive loss of identity, using a shared set of closely defined aesthetic values.

The aestheticism became an intellectual fashion in the sector, slowly percolating into politics. The Pismis 4 worlds have not formed any political union, but the aestheticism has for all practical purposes unified them.

By the 91st Century Jean Te Uahlg Aestheticism had developed new schools, some of which gained popularity among various Inner Sphere clades.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 25 November 2001.