Lombardo Asteroid Colony
Image from Steve Bowers
With no large planets in this system, asteroid habitats in the GL 1123 system are the most important population centres
Star GJ 1123
Type M4.5 V
Distance from Sol 29.4 ly
Constellation Chameleon
RA 09h 17m 05.328s
Dec -77° 49m 23.37s
(8.8 ly from Merrion)
Colonised 1566 AT

Inner Sphere NoCoZo system, was first established as a Free Zone during the middle Federation period. The system is inhabited by corporate hyperturings, vecs, and near-baseline humans, various space-adapted clades and cyborgs.

This system forged close ties with the SaKorese and the Core hyperturing descended from the Sagawa Corporation in Solsys, and retains a certain amount of cultural Japanese influence even in the Current era.
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Initially published on 03 December 2001.