Machine ecology
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Machine-based non-biological life as seen on botworlds and in other locations with machine ecologies. M-life includes a wide variety of neumann self-replicating systems, feral and free bots of all scales, often forming hylonanecologies that sometimes resemble biological systems but are often completely novel.

In the Current Era M-life, B-life and A-life often merge and form hybrid ecologies, since all three are continually changing and adapting to each other, especially because of the ubiquity of biotech and bionanotech.
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    A nanecology built solely on inorganic nanobots. The most extreme form is Machinonanecology. In practice however most hylonanecologies and bionanecologies tend to merge, with each using components found in the other; the difference between them being one of degree rather than of kind.
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    Molecular Nanotechnology (dry nanotech). Use of artificially created non-biomolecular systems as replicators, assemblers, or components of molecular nanotechnology; any molecular nanotechnology not based on bio-molecules or biotech. Sometimes referred to as "Drexlerian nanotech".
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 December 2001.