Single-celled, presapient, macroscopic lifeform

Image from Steve Bowers
Macroamoeboids, Rhizopodus enigmaticus are high presapient amoeboid aquatic lifeforms native to New Poseidon. A large specimen can reach a diameter of several meters, although most are smaller. Like the Soft Ones, these creatures are macroscopic unicellular organisms, but there appears to be no historical, genetic or biochemical link between these two species.

The intelligence of the macroameboids was only discovered several decades after New Poseidon was settled, when ecologists observed how they employed some rather clever means of interacting with, and controlling, the Leviathans, a species of large seagoing heterotroph.

Transapient experts have studied these communications and claim to understand them, but no modosophont has managed to make any real sense out of the available translations. The general consensus is that this species is not quite sophont, but they could be provolved with relative ease; for some reason this has not yet been attempted.

Macroamoeboids live in complex reef-like societies and they communicate with each other through elaborately integrated releases of motile aquatic pheromone-like cells.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 08 December 2001.