Magnesium Issue, The
At the first singularity and beyond, new legal problems and solutions arise. Some of these solutions will doubtlessly have an impact upon baseline law. Among the classical problems, quoted at countless law academies in the Inner sphere, stands the Negentropic Magnesium Issue.

It all started in 5538 when the central processing AI of Raganthra Archipelago, based upon unexplainable equations above the second singularity, ordered the entire supply of magnesium of the ten-star archipelago to be destroyed. As the demand for magnesium was at an all time high within the systems, baselines questioned this measure quite strenuously.

The AI, confounded by these protests, issued a temperate response with some calculations that only further served to confuse the baseline opinion. The AI tried to explain itself, but its arguments always seemed to go past the baseline psyche. The AI finally conceded its inability to explain the measure, even though several toposophical translators had attempted to mediate the communication. The reasons for its actions were even alien to the translators (themselves merely at the second singularity) due to the toposophical branchings taken by the various entities.

Eventually, the destruction of the Magnesium (and a resultant economic recession in the group) relegated the argument to the halls of academic discussion. Five-hundred years later, however, the local review AI (above the second toposophical boundary) arrived at the central system. What followed has been described by several toposophical translators as an argument to end all arguments. The review AI, when confronted with the Magnesium Issue, arrived at the conclusion that the central processing AI had been in the wrong. From its own viewpoint, the local AI did right, which was why it got away with only a warning and an "update", but seen in the light of an SI:3 intelligence it had made an obvious mistake.

In the end the Magnesium Issue provided spectators with a classic example of confusion and transcendent error. The question who was right has bothered many a young legal being entering studies within the inner sphere.
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Text by HÃ¥kan Andersson
Initially published on 20 September 2001.