Mental disorder affecting some sophonts.

May manifest in two forms:

One is a paranoiac fear of nanotech disasters or infestations. The affected mind may fear touching things, or even breathing, because of the perceived possibility of nano-contamination. It is very common to find such minds inhabiting virch environments in order to isolate emselves from the real (and nanotech contaminated) world.

Other manifestations are found in nanoscopic sensitive minds - minds that can see or otherwise sense various nano-devices and that fall into panic when in confirmed contact with such. Affected minds don't actually believe that everything is contaminated with nanobots as they can see or otherwise detect them, but will develop often strange, or even destructive, behaviors in order to prevent any contact with nano-devices of any kind.
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Development Notes
Text by Fernando Peña D'Andrea
Initially published on 10 May 2004.