Neuropoll Inc.
Neuropoll Inc. is a polling firm that dates back to the Second Federation, often exploiting advanced psychological and neurological methods to extract as much data they can. They were most known for the neuropollsters, when in the early 6300s, 20,000 citizens of New Emerton (Smith sector, NoCoZo) were wired with a system making it possible for Neuropoll to measure their reactions to a variety of products, everyday phenomena and their desires; this data is then mined to find trends, mood estimates and fashion vectors.

At first the firm tried to directly use the data to produce products such as AI music to suit the tastes of those polled, but the performance was lackluster. While it was possible to detect overall preferences and trends, the notoriously mercurial Newemertonians tended to shy away from anything becoming mainstream.

In the modern era Neuropoll instead concentrates on producing the market data other companies need, asking the questions nobody ever thought about asking ("Do humans really like human partners instead of vecs?" - Neuropoll data was directly responsible for the Anthromorph Systems drive that lowered insystem marriages with by 12%) and generally staying on the hip organobionic side of things. Their influence on much of Inner Sphere non-aligned marketing remains strong; their current market share is 14%. Detractors sometimes call them Neuropol.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 09 December 2001.