Humans with undeveloped or absent genitalia and secondary sexual attributes

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One of six standard hu sexes and genders, the others being female, ferm, herm, merm, and male. Neuts have reduced their genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics to an undeveloped state, or removed them altogether.

Future genders
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Popular among extreme religious and monastic clades, and various eccentric and situationist groups, clades, and movements, and (as a temporary or permanent choice) lifestyle among transmogrifists. Neuts who do not have any sexual feelings whatsoever are known as asexuals; however not all neuts have no sexual feelings, and some indeed have rich and fulfilling (and often ingenious) sex lives.

Neut modifications are (of course) not inheritable.

Common Definitions

The following table should only be used as a rule of thumb for identification of sex, primarily for human-derived clades and to a lesser extent for other clades of Terragen mammalian origin.

Can naturally bear children? (ie, has female primary sexual
Can naturally contribute genetic material to others' borne
offspring? (ie, has male primary sexual characteristics)
Has female secondary sex characteristics? (e.g., in humans, enlarged breasts and lack of facial hair. Non-hominid clades often use
a different variety of features to make this differentiation: manes,
tusks, antlers, colours, etc.)
herm yes yes yes
herm yes yes no
female yes no yes
ferm yes no no
merm no yes yes
male no yes no
neut no no yes
neut no no no

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