New L4

Lalande 21185
Image from Steve Bowers

Star: Lalande 21185
Type: M2v red dwarf
Luminosity: 0.025 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 8.32 ly (2000 epoch)

One of the earliest colonization targets. The system consists of a number of gas giants rich in He-3. The first colonists were a desperate team of Genetekkers fleeing the Technocalypse. During the Sol System dark ages the society flourished, and even hosted several waves of "Backyarders" and early slowship (0.05 c) hider clades fleeing what they saw as excessive ai-rule in Solsys. Some time in the late 840s AT things began to fall apart - a combination of internal conflicts between local factions, and possibly infection by a replicator that arrived with the later Backyarders and merged with the local bionano, although the facts are still dispute. In any case, only degenerate survivors inhabited the decaying orbital habitats when the First Federation megacorps arrived in 1175. These persisted for a few decades afterwards, until becoming totally assimilated as their children all joined the new world. (The habitats remain a museum.)

The system quickly grew into a business paradise, with just a token Federation oversight and a booming space industry. In the later Federation era with the emergence of the higher singularity AIs and opening of the new frontier, New L4 was gradually eclipsed and lost much of the relevance. It has steadily lost population and trade, and now remains just another small red dwarf orbital culture. Currently Independent (non-aligned), consisting of 43 different polities. The There is also a small Curatorial presence in the system. See also Lalande 21185.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 09 December 2001.