Star: HIP 42601
Type: M1V
Luminosity: 0.039 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 88.9 ly

Inner sphere NoCoZo system. The red dwarf HIP 42601 a.k.a. Hokon's Third Purchase had a number of small planets which have been converted into several thousand Bishop ring clusters, associated orbitals, and a single 150 meter wormhole gate. The Terance Orbital Clusters alone provides several thousand times the livable surface area of an average Garden World. Despite this, the population is fairly low (about 50 million for the entire system, plus an equal number of mostly itinerant workers, temporary service industry employees, and longstay tourists). Individual orbitals are rented out to developers and entrepreneurs at reasonable rates.

In 5379 the system was renamed Noyce, after Chipworth Noyce, a local culture hero. During the Version War the system was occupied by Standardizationist forces and became a major regional staging post for Metasoft. While the garrisons and dockyards are long gone, to this day a number of polities retain a strong Version Tree flavour and there is a small Vec community.

Rich in history and (completely safe) adventure, Noyce remains a popular tourist destination and waystation for those making the Grand Tour and wishing to spend a few years (or centuries) exploring its many orbitals and theme parks.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 December 2001.