Queen of Pain

Queen of Pain
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According to folklore the Queen of Pain is a vast animin power or godling who has captured several of the most sadistic and evil sophonts in the Terragen Sphere and punishes them in a hell of her own devising. There she keeps them alive and conscious indefinitely while feeding upon their suffering.

Queen of Pain (early days)
Image from Darren Ryding
The Queen of Pain - Early Days

The Queen of Pain is associated in mythology with the secret ultratech sect or society known as the Collectors.

Queen of Pain landscape
Image from Darren Ryding
In the realm of the Queen

A far as the eye could see, the ground heaved and undulated with mountains of raw muscle. Eyes larger than city blocks twitched and rolled and gazed straight at him. Mouths the size of villages opened and moaned in gluttonous ecstasy. Hills of flesh rose above smaller mounds of flesh just so their eyes could glimpse their microscopic new prey.

Directly below him, the greatest mouth of all, the greatest mouth in the universe, opened as wide as an entire city, bellowed as loud as a thermonuclear choir; and in its glowing red depths was a throat with nine rings, all squirming as if each and every tiny cell was in the throes of chaos....

-from 'Yes Jolonah there is a Hell'
Image from Lord Phenkka
An image of Avernus, the home of the Queen of Pain. Despite some attached Metadata, No independent confirmation has been made yet if this image is real or a simulation
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Text by Darren Ryding
Initially published on 17 November 2003.

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