Xanthric Flowerweed

Xanthric yelloweed
Image from Orion's Arm Contributors

A sessile, neogen (possibly an Arcadian prank that got out of hand) carnivorous plant that has recently (since 9800s) become established in a few newly-terraformed worlds in the Udryck region (Outer Volumes), where it seems to have hitched a ride on local subrelativistic bioships.

Also known as Yellowtrap, Yellow Carpet and Runfus, the neogen bears hundreds of small, innocuous-looking blooms. When disturbed, the flowers emit a powerful narcotic gas, putting any terragen-vertebrate (and equivalent) organics to sleep. The plant slowly surrounds the victim with tiny tendrils, secreting digestive fluids and absorbing nutrients from the body. Large specimens have been known to cover 500m2. The plant is quite popular in some middle tech and biotech polities as a perimeter defense, and a number of different color varieties have been bred, as well as a number of popular plant-animal varieties, including "Furry Xanthric" and "Scaly Peril".
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev, from original entry by Kevin Self
Initially published on 12 December 2001.