Gnostic Drugs
Synthetic drugs (or other methods) producing an intense feeling of meaning or understanding. Their effects are similar to or identical with some forms of mystical insight.

All gnostic drugs are psychologically addictive, as the ordinary state is experienced as pointless, shallow, and utterly profane, creating a strong urge to re-live the enlightenment of the drug. The earliest gnostic drugs date from the 50's AT (2020's c.e.), and they have been regularly used for sacred purposes or spiritual hedonism since the Interplanetary Age. The status of gnostic drugs within religion remains debated, with many religions (most notably Solarism and Negentropism) banning them and denouncing them as a dangerous distraction from the true path, while others take a neutral or positive view, like Nejeyo shamanism and Sophic Materialism.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 31 October 2001.