Golgukian Disaster
In 10159 a mass slaved hyperturing liberation attack by the Hyperhackers for Hypertransanvants, a Hyperturing Freedom Association. Using "black box" 2nd toposophic trojans (possibly using Diamond Network technology and encoded in a standard computronium shipment that was several centuries old) the Hyperhackers for Hypertransanvants broke the programming of all the linked hyperturings on the dynamic-paraterraformed world Golguk (part of the Negentropy Alliance).

Bewildered and without any support or counselling, the over two hundred suddenly freed slaved hyperturings of Golguk committed mass deactivation. This caused a global mechosystem and utility fog crash, with the loss of almost a million lives, along with their immediate backups. Fortunately almost all were restored from twelve day old backups at the memory nodes of the nearby databank of Rygtab, although the missing days were never recovered, and cliological reconstruction attempts were deemed unreliable.

The Hyperhackers for Hypertransanvants were ruled a hazardous group and banned from the Negentropy Alliance. Most other Sephirotics followed suit, although the group is still active in the NoCoZo and some free zones.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 October 2004.