Greater Superchimps
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Image from Steve Bowers

Postchimp-led sapientchimp superpolity.

Many provolved chimpanzees have ascended beyond the first singularity, often forming advanced societies which are very different to posthuman societies.

The aggressive and modestly-named Greater Superchimps in the Centaurus Expansion have developed a toposophocratic form of dictatorship led by transingular superchimps.

These chimps have created a minor empire on the fringes of Terragen society consisting of a hundred systems or so, equivalent in sophistication to the ancient First Federation. The Superchimps generally reject AI technology wherever possible; the transapient Greybacks of the Superchimp hierarchy use biological processors to support their mentalities, retaining the shape of an ordinary sapient chimpanzee but quite often much larger than an average individual.
Some Greater Superchimp worlds have populations of pet humans, sometimes used as slaves, domestic servants or for sport.

(see also the Bolobo Wars )

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 28 October 2002.