Minor, sparsely uninhabited and resource-poor Centaurus sector Negentropist system, captured by the Paradigm in 5480 and liberated by PCO forces 5526.

The ruins of a partially constructed, dynamically supported dyson shell are still found there, (the former planet Gritwald was dismantled in the process), and the system has recently become a popular tourist site. Visitors can enjoy interactives and totalrecalls from the Paradigm war, and tour the ruins. The system holds an increasing population of ferals who find the huge structure a useful place to squat, and, after original persecution, they are now tolerated by local authorities as they add to the ambiance and tourist thrills.

Although a nominal member of the Negentropist Alliance, the current Gritwald leadership has more in common with NoCoNeg and even NoCoZo ideology, and it is likely that the system will seceded at some point. The Negentropist central authorities, feeling some concern at this ideological drift, and the possibility of a "domino effect" in the region, have recently cracked down on the local administration, establishing their own governor. There are small several clades and factions currently fighting for a Free Gritwald, but they are poorly equipped and organised and of little more than nuisance value. The regional police and Aimhem officials have acquired a reputation for heavy-handedness, and tourism is beginning to suffer.
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Text by M Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 October 2001.