Guo-Shou Jing
Star Giclas 258-33
Type M4.5V
Luminosity 0.00019 x Sol
Distance from Sol 23.8 ly
Distance from Penglai 5.7 LY

Penglai Outpost settlement in Giclas 258-33 Main Belt

Rotating Habitat captured by the Conver Ambi, became an important local industrial center, and a minor center for Neotaoist-Converist syncretism. Weathered the First Empires War with little strife. By the time of the Second Empires War and the break-up of the Conver Ambi the system was already mined-out and resource poor, but had established a moderate industry as a spiritual retreat complex. Changed hands half a dozen times during the Version War.

Currently Giclas 258-33 is a nominal Dominion system; the locals have incorporated some elements of Solarist religion into their syncretistic mix.
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 October 2001.