As is unfortunately the case with many prosocial inventions an antagonistic variant or use is often devised. In the case of the Filiglider, flying food, this took the form of Poisigliders and Bamagliders.

Poisigliders are poisonous versions of a normal filiglider. Although theoretically not sold for malicious purposes, different clades have different nutritional needs and sometimes a filiglider nervous system can be tampered with so that it seeks out a particular clade member for whom it would otherwise be poisonous. In such cases it is generally only harmful if swallowed if if the clade member has severe allergies to the filiglider.

More deviously designed poisigliders are constructed from scratch and may contain contact poisons or hidden barbs. The possibilities are, unfortunately, almost limitless.

Common banter:

PG1: Yeh zog! Vanen goiz party donnan Sarzag Ring?

PG2: Nemma min! Thez party fullupa poizigliders ferma clade.

PG1: Yozen clade too min? I kruvla finnen filiglider ferma sulv too.
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Development Notes
Text by Peter Kisner
Initially published on 31 January 2002.