Human bionts (may be baseline, nearbaseline, or even moderate tweaks, rianths, cyborgs, superiors, or other clades or subclades that might identify as 'human') living without the supervision of higher toposophic intellects. They have their own governments, industry, and so on just as in Solsys and on Old Earth as they were prior to the rise of transapients.

There are three general classes:

Cultivated Wildhu - colonies that have specifically been allowed or cultivated in parks, reserves, megastructures, planets, and societiums by some transapient being or society of transapients.

Tolerated Wildhu - wildhu colonies or societies that have established themselves in the larger environment, are no threat to themselves or to other sophonts, and are a negligible drain on local resources, and hence are allowed to remain (these societies rarely last longer than a few centuries, often much less).

Feral Wildhu - colonies that have developed beyond the reach or control of the sephirotic hyperturings or administrators.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 12 December 2001.