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A nanodevice-drug that rewires the brain of the recipient to experience every situation as meaningful and filled with spiritual power. The effects are similar to gnostic drugs, but do not wear off. Although the recipient remains in a state of mystical bliss he can still act, although by its nature the state precludes distinctions between meaningful and meaningless actions or even simple good-bad judgements. Persons under the influence of pourmurmide will be quite incapable of acting on their own in society, since any course of action is seen as totally fulfilling, meaningful and destined.

Pourmurmide was originally developed on Osto in the Utopia sphere during the 7500's, where eventually most of the population came to use it (as they were tended by an advanced autotopia this did not cause much problems). However, the design for the nanodevice was somehow smuggled out of the Utopia sphere and it has resurfaced a number of times. While the main uses have been hedonism and enlightenment emulation, there have been cases of motivation assassination (the destruction of a person's ability to make decisions or motivate oneself). It is highly illegal in most jurisdictions.

The governing AIs of Osto apparently recognize the part they played in the drug, and offer help for any victims. Since most victims do not wish to leave their state, most help consists of equipping them with one or more helper vecs or guiding them to the Utopia Sphere. There are also suggestions that the Osto AIs have sent out agents to track down copies or traffickers in the nanodrug.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 19 December 2001.