Universal Rescue
Originally formed as a disaster response team created to deal with a local event in the Utopia Sphere, over the last 3500 years Universal Rescue has spread to become the most widely supported charitable organization within Terragen space. With a staff ranging from rianths and nearbaseline humans aioids and vecs through to transapients, and believed to be headed by an S3 Posthuman, UR has recruited crisis management and disaster relief teams from every empire and polity without prejudice, provided that they have a desire to help their fellow sophonts.

UR's reputation for competence and neutrality means that its representatives have been welcomed with open arms just about everywhere, helping ordinary sophonts recover from disasters such as war, perversion or blights and angelnet collapse. Their humane actions coupled with extensive marketing from the Utopia Sphere has ensured that UR workers are perceived as heroes, and millions volunteer for a twenty year tour in every recruitment drive.
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Text by Ben Higginbottom
Initially published on 10 June 2002.