Virtual Kja Observance

A form of virtual bioism practiced by aioids

virtual kja
Image from Bernd Helfert

Vec religion, a subsect of Kja Observance. Vecs who follow this religion desire to incorporate living tissue into their bodies, but instead of using real tissue the biological inclusion is present as a virtual representation, and so can be stored more easily and protected against dangerous environments.

Virtual animals, plants or simply small parts of virtual organisms can be stored in dormant memory and activated for devotional purposes only.

Some alien biospheres, discovered within Generation or Metasoft space exist only as virtual representations held by the high priests of Virtual Kja or distributed between the congregation. Some of these alien biota have been purchased and reconstituted by Biopolity evangelists, while the Orion Federation has apparently sponsored privateer attacks on Metasoft transporters to liberate the virtual beings in their dormant storage for replication and study on selected worlds.

The Rheolithic lifeforms discovered inside BD+15°4074Ac lent themselves particularly to virtual reproduction, as the were simply self-organising semi-molten crystalline structures. Many Virtual Kja followers took on board a dormant Rheolith, some of which eventually came in useful as ambassadors when the Batholithic Civilization was discovered at 4000 ly in the Aries vector.

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