Overwatch Processor
A briefly-popular dedicated system linked to a being's perceptive faculties and a large database (which manufacturers always recommended be constantly updated, usually at an additional subscription fee).

It was used to determine when the being was submitted to unwelcome memetic material, or entering into other such dangerous conceptual areas (such as unencrypted transmissions, insufficiently encrypted transmissions, unproven target destinations, etc). After many litigation activities, manufacturers required a waiver stating that they were not responsible for dangers imperceptible to the user or if the overwatch processor is overridden at any point during a known attempt. This led to a final escalation in 'nuisance' assaults on beings with such devices, attempting to swamp them in warnings until they cancelled the protection offered by the device. This would be followed with a serious memetic assault as soon as the implant was confirmed overridden. This implant is still occasionally found active in beings from the Periphery, often with significantly outdated but still somewhat useful databases.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 30 June 2003.