Reticulate Causality
Another virtual project of the Kappa Cassiopeia system is an attempt to reproduce multi-directional causality using a net-like, or reticulate cybercosm.

Time is modeled as flowing simultaneously backwards and forwards on alternate strands of the net, while time also flows on the y-axis on interconnecting cosmic strands allowing time and causality to flow in an almost unrestricted pattern over a two dimensional surface. In practice each cell of the net is modeled as a simulated series of events, which have an imaginary sequence either forwards or backwards depending which strand of the timeline is being modeled.

All cells of the net are altered by the simulation simultaneously once every fiftieth of a second or so, allowing for events that happen in the virtual past or future to affect one another.

The running time of the simulation is being continually increased and at present events that happen in the virtual future can reach back and affect events apparently a hundred years before.- The Solipsist Panvirtual council at Kappa Cass are hoping to increase the backwards- forwards run time by adding processing power.

Individuals from the Negentropy institutes and the TRHN who have been uploaded into this cosm say there are at least two different strategies for coping with the two dimensional causality net: Boustrophedon, or going backwards and forwards in time alternately (similar to certain forms of writing). Or Radiative: sending waves of causality across the network backwards, forwards and sideways in time and interacting with other beings and events in a manner similar to wave mechanics. Both occur to some extent but can be selected by a conscious entity.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 05 October 2002.