Rinomolitic Matrix
Rinomolic Matrix
Image from Steve Bowers
A Vedokiklek individual, with a Rinomolitic Matrix intefacing with its nervous system.
A feral, self-reproducing crystalline matrix that has the ability to interface with a sentient nervous system and enhance its cognitive abilities. The matrix is a non-organic lifeform, a kind of wild synanocomputer apparently designed for interfacing, originally discovered on Kariton.

This matrix was probably created by the Solar Dominion Pona-Boden clade of nanocyborgs before the Version War, but they were wiped out by Metasoft autowars in 4508. The Vedokiklek currently control access to the Rinomolitic Matrix, having discovered it in 7881 in an underwater city on Kariton. One Vedokiklek faction, the hAnodnenTikikA, have enthusiastically adopted this form of augmentation, and are currently exploring its rather unpredictable characteristics; the Matrix can expand a sophont's mental facilities considerably, and makes collective mentation significantly more profound. Currently the hAnodnenTikikA are the most powerful faction in this system.

An increasingly large number of non-Vedokiklek sophonts have been permitted to interface with the Matrix, with a range of interesting and sometimes surprising results. A number of transapient observers have taken up residence in the Kariton system and are watching these developments with interest.

Rinomolitic Matrix*
Image from Keith Wigdor and Midjourney AI
A nearbaselinehuman with a Rinomolitic Matrix interface
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev based on original idea by Kevin Self
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 22 December 2001.