Ril, R/L, RL, Real Life, Rel

Real Life
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Non-virtual existence (usually pronounced 'ril'). This term was originally coined back before the Earth Technocalypse apparently to represent the then-valid dichotomy between 'imaginary' experiences drawn from electronic entertainment media and those experienced in the flesh, without electronic interpretation.

This term has since morphed into the more common definition of a personal experience of reality (as compared to another's personal experience). Contrast with VR.(Anglic, from Old Earth English "real life").
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    The nature of things as they really are, behind the appearance of surface phenomena or ordinary baseline consciousness. Depending on one's philosophical or memetic inclination, may refer to mundane physical existence, to a series or multiplicity of physical, metaphysical, or toposophic grades, or to a monistic concept of the Absolute Reality.
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    Common Anglic root, meaning virch or virtual reality. Used in Academic Coronese and a number of other languages to designate a digital or virch entity.
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