Star: HIP 37853, (Gliese 288, HD 63077, CD -33°4113)
Type: G0V
Luminosity: 1.42 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 49.6 ly

World complex located in the Inner Sphere system of HIP 37853. Allegiance is to the Sophic League. Rosette consists of an array of six shellworlds, each approx. 1000km in radius all orbiting in a stable hexagonal array around a common center of gravity. Unlike many shellworlds, the various levels of the Rosette worlds are not complete in themselves, but are broken up by large shafts and 'canyons' (the Clefts) which open up entire segments of levels to each other. Plant and animal life travel freely between levels and several rivers on each world empty out into the larger shafts and canyons (the Highfalls).

Due to the low gravity, personal flight is a common means of transportation between levels and most permanent or long term inhabitants of the system have had functional wings and related musculature grown for the purpose.

The entire Rosette system of worlds is linked by rotovator systems which allows rapid transit from one world-node to another. A 1km wormhole and three cycler links make the system a busy crossroads and it is not at all unusual for tourists and the more spiritually inclined (who come to meditate and relax while taking in the spectacular views afforded from the sides of the Clefts) to outnumber the local population.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 13 August 2002.