Sabre-Tooth Cat
Any large extinct terragen feline of the sub-family Machairodontinae.

The late Pleistocene American sabre-tooth Smilodon fatilis was a popular subject for lazurogenics during the middle and late Information period, as part of the Pleistocene Park project. However, most other species of this lineage were not restored until much later, during the great lazurogenics fad of the Age of Consolidation when computronium banks and dedicated hyperturings enabled advanced gene-sequencing.

While several sabre-tooth species have been provolved (the Machairodus sapiens of the Utopia Sphere and NoCoZo, and the Smilodon superior of the inner Perseus rift and nominal Metasoft and Sophic League being particularly noteworthy examples), most machairodontines in the galaxy today tend to be novelty pets, and are especially popular in the Solar Dominion and parts of the NoCoZo (e.g. Atlantis).
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 31 December 2001.