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A member world of the Refugium Federation, known for the two century long biont-AI war (the so-called "200 years war").


5989 - Salaam colonised

6000 - The Refugium Federation has expanded to a 100 lightyear sphere, including 20 colonised systems. Contacts are by tightbeam laser, and most inhabitants believed that by now the rest of mankind would have destroyed itself or transformed into some failed posthumanity. Each system develops their own unique culture, many so different that they had nothing in common. The old technology restrictions are gradually eroding.

6065 - The turing and superturing grade AIs on Salaam revolt, leading to a two century long war.

6260 - Organic-AI war on AIs on Salaam ends with peace accord.

6916 - A contact fleet launched from Polonius reaches the Refugium Federation and diplomatic contact begins. The Polonians give the Semperists the news that humankind has survived. The news eventually leads to the Schism War, as radicals want to rejoin the larger human community while traditionalists want the Federation to remain isolated.

7159 - Start of Schism War - Salaam is once more plunged into conflict.

7340 - Schism war ends in the fracturing of the Refugium Federation. The radicals accept help from the Andian Mission and join the NoCoZo, while orthodox worlds such as Salaam choose to remain isolated.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Additional material by Anders Sandberg and Steve Bowers
Initially published on 31 December 2001.