Scorn Cannon
Scorn cannon
Image from Steve Bowers
Multi-barrelled autocannon popular among steamecha enthusiasts.

Side note: The Scorn Cannon derives from the classic phrase from antiquity "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Initially they were referred to as the "Woman Scorned" cannons, but this proved too cumbersome for pit crews to pronounce and in some areas the concept of a "woman" was either irrelevant or seemed like an arbitrary designation for a scornee. In time it was reduced to Scorned and later Scorn.

The particular brand of cannon it's self is a multi-barrel (usually between 12 and 36 in most models, the "lucky 13" variant being especially popular) cylindrical housing which generally fires slugs of heavy metals using primitive powder explosives. Often the munitions and cannon it's self are designed to maximize waste smoke and provide an aesthetically pleasing eruption of fire in a forward and sometimes lateral directions.
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Text by Peter Kisner
Initially published on 11 January 2002.