To match up with the sadistic 'in' crowd, Biophage Inc. in the NoCoZo offers the Screamaphone. It is a series of small independent biological creatures with a very low S-factor intellect. These creatures are fully mature, and the user can expect 15 to 25 years' usage from a Biophage Screamaphone.

User stimulates each organism by the method of their choice, evoking pure tone from each. Note that they are arranged in a pentatonic scale due to technical difficulties in achieving a full 'normal' octave. These beings are surprisingly resilient and gratifyingly sensitive. The instrument, while it is not sentient, is capable of being trained to play a given tune via negative feedback methods. This takes a skilled, firm hand, and a self-playing Screamaphone is a mark of the true master.

The rumors of this being stolen from the Snake's Mouse Organ are greatly exaggerated.

This device is illegal in some parts of the Civilized Galaxy and the users or owners may experience informal social sanctions in some cultures.

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Text by John B
Initially published on 18 February 2002.