A common term for a nanopaste which can be applied to an object to protect it from the environment. One of the earlier active nanotech applications, it forms a set thickness of self-linked nanomachines between the object and the environment. As nanites fail, they are shifted to an exterior layer to act as bulk shielding.

There are many different implementations of Sealant. Some are more chemical than nanotic applications, others institute a rigid coating of hard-locked diamondoid nodes separated by buckytube supports, others still actively resist deformation at a cost of relatively rapid failure rates (due primarily to lack of power storage/actuator burn out).

In the early days of Sealant's usage, it was recommended that a user not trust a bond between different makers' versions of Sealant. The Destrada Incident graphically underlined this problem, and indirectly lead to the formation of the NAB.
Development Notes
Text by John B
Initially published on 16 February 2003.