Bionano based infiltration and combat device.

Shadowhounds have no definite shape, but are able to alter their form (usually over a period of several minutes to hours) to suit whatever conditions or situations they encounter. Shadowhounds derive their name from both their matte black outer layer (used to absorb solar energy) and one of their most common appearance defaults as a roughly canine shaped quadrupedal form.

Shadowhounds are extremely fast and strong and can produce a wide range of pointed and edged extrusions for use in melee combat. In addition they are able to alter the properties of their external layers, generating extremely effective camouflage effects bordering on invisibility.

Shadowhounds are generally used in a security or bodyguard role, but they have been occasionally used in guerrilla combat situations. They are able to derive energy from solar, biological and electrical sources and are able to 'live off the land' (and the bodies of defeated enemies if necessary) virtually indefinitely. Although their design is widely banned (and only semi-legal even in the NoCoZo), templates of varying quality are widely available on the grey markets of most worlds and in the records of every warchive worthy of the name.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 03 September 2002.