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Branch of science dealing with the study of the societies of sentient beings.

Fields of sociology include social structure, interaction and behavior among individuals and groups, representative racial and ethnic clades, phyles and species, conflict and conflict resolution, cultural dynamics, culture types and archetypes, memetics in society, the effects of higher singularity influence and ai administration, religious and ideological beliefs and practices, interaction between sentients of different information processing speeds, sex and species differentiation, criminal behavior, economic and toposophic stratification, population density, and political structure. Various applications include hyperturing administrative science, applied memetics, public relations, law enforcement, social engineering, and community planning.
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  • Celesociology - Text by Jay Dugger
    Studies societies within an accelerated virch realm.
  • Countersociomemetics - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Use of Social Psychology and Sociomemetics to reduce the effectiveness of social and memetic conditioning, or even turn the original conditioning into something completely different. An important element of memetic warfare and subversion. Sociomimeticists are either SI:1 or higher, or are SI:<1 sentients with implanted or augmented sociomemetic wetware, software, or firmware.
  • Heterochronic Socio-History - Text by Mike Parisi and John B
    Study of history and historical sociology that involves interactions between minds of different subjective time-rates
  • Heterochronic Sociology - Text by Mike Parisi and John B
    Study of social interactions between minds of different (even radically different) subjective time-rates
  • Historico-Sociomorphotypal Criticism - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Social Science that deals with the understanding and analysis of the morphotypic, social, and cultural characteristics and evolution of a clade, culture, memeplex, or polity; used to distinguish the real meaning from the apparent and usually popular literal or superficial interpretation. An important element in historical and cliological reconstructions.
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    The study of how individuals interact with and within groups, and how individual behavior and psychology can be affected by group pressure and group dynamics. Social Psychology is related to sociomemetics.
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  • Sociotype - Text by M. Alan Kazlev, adapted from Glenn Grant
    [1] The social expression of a memotype, as the body of an organism is the physical expression (phenotype) of the gene (genotype). Hence, the Divine Order is one sociotype of the Solarist memotype.
    [2] A class of similar social organisations.
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