A clade of neogen-splice artist provolves, originally designed as companions to human artists. They long ago established an independent homeland in the Utopia Sphere and their reputation for artistic talent. Soomia or groups of Soomia tend to travel widely for extended and so are known throughout Terragen space.

Originally the Soomia were corporate-produced (Galaxy Companions biotech provolves Forlix-23-6 and 23-7) and one of at least three dozen such clades that were given their freedom with the establishment of the Utopia Sphere. Whether through luck or design, they were established on Baenf, a terraformed world in Utopia Outer Arae, only about 50 LY from the Negentropist border, and linked by wormholes to the important Negentropist port of St Xye. Over the centuries they have developed into a fairly large local culture, and today they are among the most successful of the Utopia Provolves.

Because they were originally developed and marketed as custom baseline and nearbaseline artist companions, the Soomia are an artistically gifted race. In fact, their artistic tendencies border on obsessive; and when working on their art, they are industrious and dedicated. Groups of them will on occasion work together to perform enormous artworks, such as painting a mountain range or creating holographic displays around asteroids. Although sometimes irresponsible in their non-artistic habits, they have a reputation as being gracious and thoughtful hosts.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev from original concept by Kevin Self
Initially published on 31 December 2001.