Sociopathy augmentationism, political-mental grouping in the Communion of Worlds.

Sopazism suggest that using empai neural symbionts and microlevel group mentalities a purely emotion-manipulating society would be stable, and this is a preferable solution to the cohesion problems of the Communion. Sopazism emerged in the 9100's through the experimentation of the Phoenix Mantra social simulation school, influenced by Yn individualism and the Diphda experiment of 5499. Sopazism is mainly spread in small groups, calling themselves mu-protracs that act in their mutual interest when dealing with non-sopazist society. Several nearly total sopazist systems exist in the Communion, most notably Elderman's Star and the Phoenix Mantra Cluster. Although sopazism has spread since its inception, many empath clades have worked firmly to decrease its power and impact.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 31 December 2001.