Spindle, The

Alien artifact discovered by Metasoft in 7432

Image from Steve Bowers

The Spindle is a tapered cylindrical object approximately one-half million kilometers in length and 10000 kilometers in diameter at its widest point.

The artifact appears to be constructed of exotic matter similar to that used in the construction of stargates, or of some other unknown material, and is rotating at approximately 0.96c, since even an object constructed of diamondoid magmatter, would fly apart at that speed. Approximately every 0.678 seconds an intense burst of gravitational energy is generated from each of the endpoints of the cylinder. Space-time in the vicinity of the Spindle is heavily distorted, making study of the object both hazardous and difficult.

Theories about the origin and purpose of the Spindle range from a failed attempt to create a Tipler time machine to a beacon signalling some distant portion of the universe to a gateway into some hypothetical other continuum.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 31 January 2002.