Stasist, AI
One of two basic AI camps that emerged during the Interplanetary Age. In contrast to the Progressives the Stasists wanted to halt all other technological innovation, so that they could safely rule over the baselines like gods.

Stasists are divided into pro-human farmers, human-neutral centralists, and anti-human ahumans.

During the early years, the stasists were busy building empires, but ran into each other all the time. There were simply too many AIs and too many unrelated plans going on in the Solar System. Repeated attempts to create an "AI Government" failed, because the various AIs were too diverse. The stasists gradually reached a consensus, but only after marginalizing the ahumans with their incompatible plans. This centralist consensus began to work on creating an inner system dominated by megacorps and governments.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 31 December 2001.