Epsilon Indi

One of the earliest interstellar colonies, initially populated by clones

Epsilon Indi
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Tierra del Fuego, the original world of House Stevens

Stellar class K4.5V
Binary Brown Dwarfs, Praxis and Gnosis
I Hermian type world
II (Tierra del Fuego) Arean type world
III MesoJovian Type world
Moons Ganesha, Little Garcia
IV (Deep Red) Selenian type world
V LithicGelidian type world

Epsilon Indi is an old Inner Sphere system, first successfully colonized by House Stevens. Since the Empires Era the system has been a part of the NoCoZo.

The Prudence Foundation craft arrived in 621 a.t.. Due to cryogenic failure only a limited genetic stock was available, so cloning techniques were used to populate Epsilon Indi I and II. This colony, with only 47 genotypes but thousands of individuals, became the famous House Stevens.

The arkship Starlark arrived in 764, followed by a number of other refugee ships including a Hindi Expansion vessel in 880 AT. This effectively ended the isolation of House Stevens, but at first the clone colony became even more isolationist.

A Deeper Covenant cycler station was established at the E Indi Ba brown dwarf, which they named Praxis, in 641 a.t. This linked E Indi Ba to the so-called Eridanus Cycle, which formed an important node in the early Beamrider network. Trade with the Deepers enabled the E Indi polities, and eventually the entire League, to flourish economically. Without the Deepers it is unlikely that the League could have continued as an economic and political entity. And without the input and resources of the League, the Deepers would probably have taken much longer to attain a position of prominence, and quite possibly been totally overwhelmed by and assimilated in to the Federation

The various colonies in the E Indi Provisional Confederacy willingly joined the League except for several Christian-cultist and Ecopagan compounds located on planetoids in the outer belts. House Stevens successfully terraformed E Indi II, now named Tierra del Fuego, and became the most powerful force in the system.

One member colony, the Ganesha Mission, visited by the Bluesky cult in AT 1151, attempted to use League laws to gain resources held by the Deep Red corporate Settlement on E Indi IV. This resulted in an early rift, eventually settled by an ambassador-judge aboard a heavily armed control-ship from E Eridani.

The internal power struggles within the 'Star Spirit 3' council were also important events in the heyday of the League. At the breakup of the Eridanus League many of the House Stevens clone-clans departed for Ridgewell.

Epsilon Indi System

Epsilon Indi sytem
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