Extreme Contests
Competitions and contests that often involve great risk to the participants; unusually popular, especially among some bionts. Proof of recent backup/copy and legal waver is standard on most civilized worlds.

A few popular examples are

  • the decannual "Venus 2000" nuclear fission ramjet race. First race on Helstrom I (non-terraformed euvenusian subtype, Inner Sphere), 2000 a.t.
  • Pufferfish Swallowing Contest (first held 5,400, must use authentic terragen baseline pufferfish, banned in many polities on grounds of cruelty (pufferfish sentient rights))
  • Annual Nude Orbital Reentry Sweepstakes (first held at Dyako (NoCoZo) 3455)
  • 1G ornithopter relay (Majonica, MPA)
Other contests, while not involving risk, are still sometimes included, such as the RetroPrim Tall Ships Races on Pacifica, only pre-industrial (Terragen pre-19th century c.e.) reconstructions of 18th or 19th century sailing vessels are allowed, contestants must only have or use baseline hu-equivalent bodies, no bioware, cyberware, or nanoware that might give contests unfair advantage (greater than baseline strength and endurance, ultra-rapid healing etc) allowed. (Oro Mistral has a splice and provolve version).

One should also mention the DaVinci Games - Must be a working replica of one of the sketchbook designs of that preeminent genius! (Note - the animate Sistine diorama has been outlawed since the third such event, when the hypersapient God icon went 'off the deep end')
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Text by Eric Lo, John B, Steve Bowers, and M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 24 October 2001.