Sco BH-76

Black Hole
Image from Steve Bowers

Black hole used for burial ceremonies

A black hole in the Mutual Progress Association, one of the closest to the Inner Sphere. As part of the study of the hole in the 5100's a framework of dynamic orbital rings was used to suspend a number of research stations close to the horizon. Over time the Threshold, as the framework became known, became a major tourist attraction. In 5500 an increasing number of burials began to take place and the location became mainly a form of cemetery. Threshold has retained this purpose for millennia, slowly accreting an ever larger number of strongly radiation proofed temples, hospices, hotels and transcendence institutes on the vast framework.

A number of religions accept or favour "burial" at Threshold, and some believe it is a literal portal to paradise or eternity. Some technomegist offshoots such as the Reform Singularitians believe that anybody sent into the black hole will become the god of their own basement universe. Beside the already dead there is also a constant stream of dying or suicidal people arriving at the system, wishing to reach the event horizon while still alive. The Threshold authorities mainly see to that the falling bodies get their own time slot so that the gamma ray bursts of burial do not interfere with each other.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 09 January 2002.