Toy Humans
Dependence-tweaked human-clade.

A rather disturbing trend found in the unscanned market recently by various sophont-rights groups investigating alleged NoCoZo abuses, Toy Humans are beings based off of a human genome but biochemically and/or genetically altered to grow to roughly 1/3 normal human height (approx .6-.9 m tall) with a concurrent 1/27th weight. These beings are often plagued with health defects and thus a surprisingly short lifespan of only a few centuries even with proper medical care. Worse, their cognitive abilities are cruelly stunted by the processes applied as zygotes.

Toy humans are often mules, but those few which are fertile may or may not produce human-standard or 'toy' scale offspring, depending on the specific process(es) used in their creation.
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Development Notes
Text by John B
Initially published on 15 July 2003.