Nanofacturing subsidiary to Vollmark, an Interplanetary Age home microtronics corporation, from 433 to 525 AT (2402-2494 c.e.). Transfinity products became very widespread, especially on Earth, where their matter compilers, microrepair systems and genius cleaning fluids became market leaders during the late 430's (2400's). In the following decades they became dominant in the Inner System and had influence throughout Solsys. While their products were very popular, Transfinity had a reputation for sloppy security assurance, especially in their last few decades of operation. Their products were several times hacked or subverted. Due to their ubiquity, the consequences were far more serious than hacks against competing products, and as the situation on Earth worsened many accused the company of criminal negligence.

In a landmark case in 554 AT the Earth Trade Association and UN Nanotech Defence Council ordered the closure of the otherwise successful corporation. Although historians have discounted the theory that it was the Transfinity Level 6 Microrepair Swarm (Goliath) that was the true origin of the plagues in 565 AT, and experts generally are skeptical that any one factor was responsible for the Technocalypse, it remains certain that some of the badly secured Transfinity technologies were a significant contributor to the general chaos.

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Text by Anders Sandberg; amended by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 09 January 2002.