1) A metaclade distinction socially given to sophonts with massive self-rebuilding/regeneration capabilities. "Don't worry about the lost limbs - E's a troll, be back up and about in a minute or two." Note that sophontologists tend to dislike such vague terms, having a plethora of synonyms with subtle differences to distinguish between various types of regenerators/self-rebuilders.

2) A subsophont expert system used to accept some form of input and generate relevant data filtered from some larger body of knowledge. Also known as 'context search utilities' or 'lookups', this variety of troll can be commonly found in many neb cognitive upgrades (either implanted or otherwise) allowing for broader information retrieval commonly either based on message traffic or (in upgrades with access to sensory data) local contextual cues.

3) Sophont deliberately attempting to stir controversy by taking extreme debating positions.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 21 January 2005.