TundralPelagic Subtype
Image from Steve Bowers
Ikikkk, a tundral pelagic world with extensive ice-covered oceans
Largely arctic Gaian Type worlds with ice-covered oceans that cover 80-100% of the surface. Compare with the GaianTundral subtype, which has 25-80% ocean coverage, and TundralXeric with 0-25% ocean cover.

Small and scattered continents, if present, will experience large amounts of precipitation, leading to large polar caps and land glaciation.

Some worlds have a mild equatorial climate, allowing ice-free seas and lakes; a few such worlds have life, especially in the open seas. Life may also exist around deep-ocean vents.
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Text by John M. Dollan in his Planet Classification List
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 09 January 2002.