Typers of Gilbert

Group associated with the creation of a database of psychological typologies, and later, neogens that typify the main archetypes

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Mindmap of a baseline Human

The Typers (or "Typers of Gilbert" as they were later known) were an association of SI:1 "idiot savants" used by the Institute of Baseline Psychotypology (Junna, Negentropy Alliance) during the period from 3267 to 3421 AT to develop their database of all possible Baseline and Near-baseline psychological typologies. When the Institute finished their task and disbanded, the Psychotype Sequencers were released with a small payment of Alliance ErgCredits.

The Typers, being totally lost in the larger galaxy, even after extensive adaptive therapy and socialization modules, were given haven at Gilbert, a run-down orbital in the Inner Sophic League around the Mercurian-Type rockball Hansin (YTS 2193 098 170 - I) by a friendly monastic AI (known simply as "The Brother") who was looking for some company. The Brother was quite intrigued by the Typers skills and asked them to create some neogens - each corresponding to one of the four neojungian typologies - who could renovate the run down orbital, and care for it when e embarked on a pilgrimage to the important Sophic Centers.

Despite original successes, most of the neogens proved ultimately unreliable in the cloistered environment, except for a few neo-species, generally called the Thinkers. Following The Brother's transcendence, ownership of Gilbert was handed over to the Thinkers, who developed it into a local economic and philosophy center of some repute. The Typers can still be found there, busily at work creating obscure and elaborate combinations of baseline subtypes, only several dozen of which each century are allowed to go from virtual and lab to full genotype.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 28 April 2002.