Pantheistic Materialism
Memeticity which denies the existence of non-physical metaphysical or supernatural entities and affirms that one should seek a sense of religious/spiritual wonder through contemplating the nature and meaningfulness of the cosmos. The Cosmos as a whole is considered a divine being. Dates back to the Old Earth pre-singularity superbright Einstein, but was developed and refined during the interplanetary age by the "Renaissance being" Godfrey-9, and the cyborg sage Jiam Raul during the 25th century.

During the Technocalypse dark ages the influence of Pantheistic Materialism faded, although there was a brief revival during the middle first federation period under the school of Joseph Muntz-Tycho. Nevertheless, pantheistic materialistic memes continued to serve as a powerful sub-current in terragen thought all the way up to the Emergence of the Archailects and the sephirotic religions, some of which - like the MPA and Keter Dominion - incorporated elements of Pantheistic Materialism in order to better communicate with ordinary bionts.

Offshoots include Diamond Mysticism, Objective Pantheism, and the True Church of Pantheist Materialism.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 19 December 2001.