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Religious or philosophical viewpoint in which God and the universe are identified, stressing God's immanence and denying Eir transcendence.

God or Universal Mind is understood as the totality of all existent things. Religious pantheists see finite beings as merely part of God; others deify the universe, nature being the supreme principle. One approaches the universe with a sense of awe and mystery and wonder, matter is not denied in favour of the supernatural. Generally there is no conception of non-physical life after death, enlightenment, etc, except in the context of union with the whole. Pantheism is found in many religions and philosophies, but is also opposed by many. Pantheism is in many ways the opposite of monotheism.

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    A derived form of Pantheistic Materialism popular among some Cosmologists of the Objectivist Commonwealth. It uses a dense series of mathematical algorithms to "prove" that Pantheistic Materialism is the "logically objective" response of any sentient ai to an understanding of the universe. It is incomprehensible to any sentient of less than 2nd singularity. TRHN Pantheism is a development preferred by some TRHN clades.
  • Panentheism - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Theological/philosophical explanation regarding the nature of God or Godhead.
    Differs from pantheism in asserting that not only is God or Universal Mind identical to the cosmos, but E also transcends the cosmos. Hence Panentheism emphasizes both God's immanence and Eir transcendence. May also incorporate emanationist themes. Panentheism is found in many religions and philosophies - e.g. various Tantric, Taoist, and Sophic schools.
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    Broad term incorporating all forms of pantheism that reject supernaturalism or appeal to supernatural deities. Somewhat broader and more generic than Materialistic Pantheism.
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    A development of Objective Pantheism found among some TRHN clades, but rejected as "cryptosubjective" by the Objectivist Commonwealth.
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