Panvirtuality Ultima
Zeta Ophiuchi
Image from Steve Bowers
The heart of Panvirtuality Ultima is a pair of Jenkins Dyson Swarms at right angles to one another. Some observers have remarked on the resembance of this structure to a human eye (from certain angles)

Star: Zeta Ophiuchi
Type: O9 giant
Age: 4 million years
Distance from Sol: 458 light-years
Luminosity: 68 000 x Sol
Mass: 20 x Sol
Diameter: 8 x Sol

Zeta Ophiuchi is an O-class blue giant. At 480 ly, this is the closest O type star to SolSys. The star is surrounded by a massive dust cloud, much of which has been collected by the Solipsist Panvirtuality to create a ring of computronium megastructures, two Jenkins Swarms and a matrioshka brain.

Panvirtuality Ultima is one of the largest Panvirt systems; the number of virtual entities that inhabit this vast complex is almost beyond comprehension. Numerous wormhole arrays and Godweb links, from nanogauge, to macro-gauge, link Panvirtuality Ultima to other Panvirt systems.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev and Steve Bowers
Initially published on 19 December 2001.